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Cosplay Philadelphia is the online and in real life hub for anyone with love for the cosplay, nerdy, and otaku subcultures. We invite everyone to explore our world!

Philadelphia is the city where we love to work and play,

yet we cosplay across the world......taking a little bit of Philly with us.

Cosplay. Community. Charity

We are passionate about the  three c's. That's why this year we have paired with the City of Philadelphia and joined the Day of Service Program. With you, we will service an area of our great city to bring resources to the local communities

"The purpose of the Day of Service Program is to serve as the City of Philadelphia's connector to large groups over 20 people and service throughout Philadelphia. We work to build strong relationships with organizations who can provide volunteer opportunities all while connecting with large groups who want to do service." -excerpt from Serve Philadelphia website.


Join our volunteer list to receive updates on our upcoming Day of Service!

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